Group Fitness Classes

Kwinana Recquatic makes it easy to fit your training in around your busy schedule. We offer a diverse range of Group Fitness classes running mornings and evenings, to suit all fitness levels.


Group Fitness

Body Attack

A high intensity, easy to follow workout with simple, athletic moves and advanced strength work. It’s great for your cardiovascular fitness.

Body Combat

You’ll punch and kick your way to fitness, burning loads of calories along the way. This high-energy martial-arts inspired workout is totally non-contact and there are no complex moves to master.

Body Pump

This class works the whole-body using barbells and dumbbells to shape the muscles.

Box Fit

A boxing and martial arts style class, utilising the freestanding bags and focus mitts to kick, punch and knee your way to fitness.

CORE (Les Mills)

A scientific-based core workout that uses athletic training principles to build strength, stability and endurance in the muscles that support your core.

Freestyle Core

A 30min session focusing on core definition and sports performance by targeting your core, lower back, and glutes.

Functional Friday

A FUN-ctional class combining high-intensity interval and variable intensity training. Each session will be different and aimed to improve overall fitness.


Metafit is a popular workout that combines bodyweight training (exercise that uses your own weight as resistance) with bursts of high intensity cardio (HIIT).


is a resistance workout combining bodyweight and weighted compound exercises with little to maximum calorie burn and increased metabolic rate during and after workout.


A fast, fun, and functional workout suitable for all fitness levels. This high intensity 30-45min workout is designed to have you in shape superfast.


Focusing on both stability and mobility in order to build your foundation and develop your strength.

Power HR

Aimed at building knowledge, skill and sturdy foundations through an all-encompassing strength and conditioning program. Suitable for any fitness and skill levels! You’ll build strength and improve cardiovascular fitness.

Strength and Conditioning (S&C)

A broader approach to strength & conditioning to develop fundamental skills while providing closer insight on technique and workout strategies.

Super Saturdays

This class is about having fun and working out together! It consists of group and partner workouts programmed to be enjoyable and challenging.

Super Sunday

A class for everyone and their individual goals. Using strength and cardiovascular movements, you’re guaranteed to sweat, improve skills, and expand your knowledge to get stronger.


Strengthening workout to energise and tone. A class with a variety of formats using key boxing principles and combinations crossed with core and strength-based movements to help you develop your boxing skills and improve cardiovascular fitness.

Xtreme Hip Hop

A combination of cardio, a step board, feel good music and lots of swag to provide a fresh spin on an old concept. We are making STEP great again!


Body Balance

This Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates workout helps build flexibility and strength, leaving you feeling centred and calm.


Vinyasa Yoga is a fluid movement system that increases flexibility, improves postural awareness and prepares the mind for meditation.

Yoga Back to Basics

A Slower paced Vinyasa that focuses on postural alignment and covers Yoga technique in detail.


A fusion of Yoga and Pilates. You will be taken on a mindful journey where the two disciplines blend, toning and strengthening all major muscles groups, enhancing your stamina and flexibility, and improving your balance. A perfect way to calm the mind and de-stress the body.



An indoor cycling class providing ultimate fat-burning. It’s the perfect workout for those looking to tone and shape your legs, hips and butt while improving cardiovascular fitness.

Aqua Fitness

Aqua Ai Chi

An aqua-based relaxation class that combines Tai Chi, Yoga, and flow to help increase flexibility, balance, and strength.

Aqua Fit

A medium intensity workout combining cardiorespiratory, muscle conditioning and interval training to increase endurance and flexibility while your joints are supported by the water.

Aqua Hiit

A 45min high intensity interval training water class utilising the water for resistance along with equipment. A full-body workout aiming to improve cardio fitness and to burn calories.

Bums and Tums

This class focuses on working your core, inner thighs and glutes using aqua bands and additional aqua-based equipment.

Revitalise Aqua

A low impact full body workout for all fitness levels utilising water - resistance and aqua equipment.

Over 50's

50 Fit

This program encompasses multiple areas of health, fitness and well-being. With a strong focus on the social and community benefit of exercise, 50 FIT will improve both your mental, spiritual, and physical health.


Strength for Life is an evidence-based progressive strength training and group exercise program designed specifically for over 50s.
SFL Doctor referral required.