Lap Swimming

Lap swimming is extremely beneficial for both aerobic and anaerobic fitness, for muscle building and toning, for increasing lung capacity and improving circulation. It can also be an enjoyable social experience to meet new people.

In our 25m Lap pool, we accommodate for all abilities, with lanes reserved for leisure, medium and fast lap swimmers, or those wishing to simply walk laps. The pool is heated to a lovely 28 degrees all year round.

Leisure Pool

For younger members of the family, the beach entry Leisure Pool features a whirlpool, bubble jet spa, and water fountain for optimal fun. The pool is heated to a comfortable 31 degrees.

Spa and Steam Room

Treat yourself to an indulgent spa and steam room session. Access permitted to persons 16 and over.

Hydrotherapy Pool

Perfect for injury rehabilitation, physiotherapy or just general exercise for all ages. Stairs and a hydraulic chair hoist provide universal access to the pool.

The water and air temperature are maintained to offer prime conditions for therapeutic use, functioning at a lovely 34 degrees. When used in conjunction with a medically approved program, hydrotherapy can provide relief for arthritis, back and neck pain, sport and other injuries, cerebral palsy, and other medical conditions

*Children over 14 months are not permitted in the hydrotherapy public sessions, unless for rehabilitation / medical purposes.

To view the times this pool is available for use visit Opening Hours.

Watch Around Water

Supervision of young children at aquatic facilities has been an issue of concern amongst the aquatics industry for many years. There is often a misconception by parents that the supervision of young children is the sole responsibility of lifeguards.

The Watch Around Water program was created by the aquatics industry and looks to raise awareness of the importance of parental supervision of young children while at public swimming pools.

It promotes the following safe supervision policies (minimum standard):

  • Children under 5 years must be accompanied by an adult over 16 years of age and supervised at arm's reach at all times.

  • Children under 12 years must be accompanied by an adult over 16 years and supervised at all times.

Watch Around Water is an important industry driven program that contributes significantly to ensuring the safety and reducing risk at our public swimming pools.

It provides a consistent message in line with best practice to the public about effective supervision of young children at public pools and demonstrates that the aquatics industry is organised and takes their responsibility for patron safety seriously.

So get involved!